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NextGen Gaming


NextGen Gaming™ was the pioneer of independent content delivery. We have used our experiences over nearly a decade to build a solid knowledge base of player trends globally. Our international focus has given us access to both mature and emerging gaming markets and this has allowed us to bring the best of both markets to our partners.

Slot games, in particular, are massively profitable and we base the way we do business on an opportunity cost model. Most slot games will make money. We prefer to look at the opportunity cost of an inferior game and work with our partners to pro-actively target a game according to their strategic requirements. We have a proven record of delivering quality games online and in the land-based arena.

It is right that since we pioneered the content space many have followed. Where we differ is in the breadth of knowledge and capability that we bring to the partnership.

At NextGen we believe that maintaining the balance between innovation and the ‘proven fundamentals’ is the key to success. NextGen provides an environment that encourages our team to continually push the boundaries. Combining this innovation with our many years of experience results in successful games time and time again.

In some industries the creation of a special product requires a combination of ‘secret ingredients’. We believe that in gaming the creation of a great game requires a lot of ingredients that are proven to deliver time and time again. Our advantage at NextGen is that our extensive international player knowledge means that we already know what needs to go into the mix. We combine these ingredients differently depending on the target player demographic and then we add that final touch to create great games consistently.
Balancing Creativity with Structure

We have outlined above the fun side. Our focus is always on player enjoyment. But this is effectively our second point of sale. In the end we are a business that delivers to businesses and we need to have the processes and procedures in place to ensure that we deliver exceptional games on time. Our Program Manager is responsible for ensuring that tasks are assigned to the relevant departments and that the output is quality assured. This balancing of creativity and structure is a major challenge. At NextGen we have a two-pronged approach. Apart from giving all of our artists significant leeway to express their creativity we also have a dedicated ‘Game Innovation Team’ whose only role is to think up new and exciting ways to enhance the player experience. Our teams work together to ensure our games are the best in the industry and this is why our partners return to us time and time again.

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