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So what on earth may online casino offer to lovers of slot machines ? Well , pretty much everything , that physical halls can , and additionally some thing far more than that . However before we take into account online slot machine halls , let's give away a interpretation to various notions . "One-handed gangsters" happened to be broken down in to two choices better-known as slots and video slots ( meaning a slot of a coin-receiver ) . Classical slots consist of three mechanic barrels with a possibility to play on 1-5 lines . Video slots are a video screen 3x5 with the game on 9-30 lines with high additional bonus options available .

You will find both types of playing machine in an online casino . From the viewpoint of the video games quantity and their functional opportunities online games do not yield ( and to some degree they may exceed ) to offline ones . The doubtless leader in the slots quantity and quality is the "Microgaming" software . The downloaded versions suggest up to 180 kinds of different slot machines , classic ones and video slots in about equal parts . The classic slots suggest a game from 1 to 5 lines . There can be up to 10 plays with progressive jackpots which average sums vary from 5 thousand to more than one million dollars . The first 9-line video slots appeared several years ago . The play "Tomb raider" ( that is known thanks to the computer game and the film "Lara Croft , tomb raider" ) still holds much favour . Lara's picture of 4 floors height can even be seen in the company "Microgaming" office . After that 20- and even 30-line video slots appeared .



Street Fighter II™ experience a battle for supremacy between your favourite Transformers. There's more than meets the eye in this 25-payline game as wild symbols suddenly transform and multiply your wins into fortunes! Reach the ultimate Payback Bonus round and watch Optimus Prime and Megatron battle for ultimate victory, as you enjoy free spins on super-rich reels!

About Street Fighter II™

Transformers: Ultimate PaybackTM features 25 paylines. Bet 1-5 credits on each payline.

Displays current bet per line. Click the left arrow (with a minus sign) to decrease bet per line by one. Click the right arrow (with a plus sign) to increase bet per line by one.

Click to bet the maximum of 5 credits on each payline. MAX BET is not available if player has fewer than 125 credits.

Click to spin the reels. The number shown on the PLAY button is the number of credits bet.

Controls and changes the number of paylines played. The LINES box displays the current number of paylines played. Click the left arrow (with a minus sign) to decrease number of paylines played. Click the right arrow (with a plus sign) to increase number of paylines played. Choose between 1, 5, 10, 15, 20 or 25 paylines.

Alternatively, specify the LINE BET or LINES by directly clicking the corresponding bar within the LINE BET or LINES meter.

Base Game Features

Autobot Wild and Decepticon Wild symbols appear on the second and fourth reels, respectively. When one of these Transforming Wild symbols lands anywhere on a reel, it expands to make the entire reel wild. With the Transforming Wilds, you can potentially win on multiple lines at once. Note: a Transforming Wild only expands if doing so would lead to a winning outcome on a wagered line.

The Cybertron Wild symbol appears on the third reel. When a Cybertron Wild symbol is part of a winning outcome on a wagered line, the symbol expands horizontally into three Cybertron symbols. Choose one of the three symbols to reveal the Cybertron Wild multiplier. All winning outcomes involving the Cybertron Wild symbol are multiplied by its multiplier. Multipliers range from 2X to 10X. You have an equal chance of selecting any of the three unique multipliers available for a given occurrence of the Cybertron Wild.

Since each reel is independent of all other reels, it is possible to get combinations of Transforming Wilds and/or the Cybertron Wild symbols on the same outcome, potentially leading to outrageously big pays.

Ultimate Payback BonusTM

When the Optimus Prime and Megatron bonus symbols both land anywhere on the first and fifth reels, respectively, they trigger the Ultimate Payback BonusTM. Watch Optimus Prime and Megatron battle for ultimate victory, as you enjoy free spins on super-rich reels.

Upon entering the bonus, choose which Transformer you think will win the battle: Optimus Prime or Megatron. Both Transformers have an equal chance of winning, and each fight outcome is randomly determined. Choosing the winning Transformer can lead to extra awards, up to 3250 credits at max bet.

Once inside the bonus, spin for free, up to 100 spins, or until one of the Transformers prevails in the battle. The bet for the free spins is the same as initiating the bet that triggered the bonus. The free spin reels are extra rich, containing even more Transforming Wild and Cybertron Wild symbols than the base game.

Each Transformer starts with three power units. Whenever a Fight symbol appears anywhere on the fifth reel they battle, with one Transformer damaging the other. The damaged Transformer loses one of it's power units. When one Transformer loses it's last power unit, it is defeated and the battle and free spins are over. You earn extra credits every time your chosen Transformer damages it's adversary. You earn an extra prize if your Transformer wins the battle and you win an extra special award if your Transformer wins the battle while remaining at full power - a "Perfect" victory!

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The video slots provide you with a good opportunity to win freely available bonus rounds that includes prize multiplication , additional bonus games , the possibility to risk as well as double the win , jackpots of several hundred thousand dollars . The maximum prize of these types of games is generally $40-200 thousand . There are of course "wild" and bonus symbols , animation that is definitely all the variety of opportunities for what the players enjoy video slots . Additionally , the player can easily set the quantity of games and then games start are going to be conducted automatically .

The 2nd place would be rather presented to the casino with the soft of the company "Criptologic" . Recently they have closed a deal with a famous comics publishing company - the company "Marvel" and have already developed well over ten video slots with popular comics heroes ( we know , as an example , such personages as Hulk and X-Men ) . All in all , the casino offers well over 50 classical video slots , covering 9-20 lines with the abundance of options available . Yet another one-of-a-kind possibility , provided for payers of the British casino "William Hill" is the availability of British "fruity" slot-machines that operate with an opportunity of "pushing" the drum so that you can make it move for a little while presenting a player the winning combination . As we speak when I'm writing these lines jackpot on the video slot "Millionaires' Club" goes beyond $3 ,5 ml . , that is definitely twice as much as the previous record for the online casino . When you receive a current issue of the journal , the jackpot will either reach the sum of $4 ml . or it will be hit and consequently it will constitute its regular sum of $400 thousand .

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