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How to Improve Your Sports Betting using Bankroll Management

There is one misconception about online betting. Many people think you can make money from online betting by just signing up, learning the advice, and relax. The money will come to you with or without your effort.Not all of this are true, only the first 2 tips. In order to make money you need to sign up and learn the tips. These two are completely true. In fact, there are plenty of great places and resources where you can play to make money from online betting. The only wrong part is the last one. Despite everything you have and will learn, you can’t make even a single penny if you can’t manage your sports betting bankroll. Fail to do so and you will be left without no money. Without money, you can make any real cash.

Bankroll Management

As our friends from M88 taught us, there are two keys to success in the online betting world. First, you can’t win without good odds. Second, you can’t win without managing your betting account and understanding about reward vs. risk. You should pay attention to these two, especially the latter. It is crucial because it involves bankroll or money management. As we all know clearly, you can’t win a bet without money.

Here is a fact you should know. There are plenty of players who can find good odds. However, there are also many of them who fail simply because they can’t manage their account by minimizing risks. These people teach us one important thing. You can’t just bet your money and expect a big return, without paying attention at all to the risks.

Let me show you an example of money/bankroll management:

Let’s say you always bet on less than 2% of your betting account. Your bet grows when your account grows. If your account shrinks, so does your bet. Despite whatever happens on your account, you always bet less than 2%.

What makes bankroll management important?

Before you place your bet, have you ever think about how much you should bet? Have you ever think about how many bets you can make with your money? Have you ever considered the risks before you place a bet? Have you ever considered playing with a high-risk bet? Or should you just stay at low-risk bet?

The answer to these questions will lead you to successful bankroll management. It teaches you about protecting your account. So, what are the benefits you can get from this management?

Basically, bankroll management offers 4 benefits in relation to your betting account:

  1. It ensures you to bet within the safe, profitable range between profit and risks. In other words, with bankroll management, you will never bet more than you can lose.
  2. It provides you with a clear strategy before placing a bet. It prevents you from betting too much money through the whole game, without safekeeping your account.
  3. It allows you to better understand risks. As a result, you will be able to cope with losses over a longer period of time than before. You will learn how to do it without losing your account.
  4. It teaches you how to make measured decisions in every bet.

Variation within betting

Variation within betting takes an important role in bankroll management. Only because you find some good odds and make a big return, it doesn’t mean you have played well. Sometimes, it’s just about luck and you can’t depend on your luck forever. You should learn to make a long-term plan.

Can’t you just analyze match per match and find lucrative odds? Well, of course you do, but still you should remember that the only thing important is the outcome. It determines whether you go home with a smile or not.

Sure, there won’t be any problem for you if you win, find good value in your bets, and manage your account well. However, that only happens for a long term. In short term, variation within betting can deliver a psychological impact. You may have done everything to minimize the risks. Your analysis is immaculate and the value is great. So, you make your bet and wait with confidence. But, guess what? You can still lose just because the variation within betting, including sports betting.

Let me show you an example:

You bet on Huddersfield who are playing against Chelsea. Based on your analysis, you believe that Huddersfield’s has a winning chance of 60%. That equals with 1.66 in odds. You believe this is a good odd. So, you make a large bet at 2.00. As the match begins, the odds begin to change. By kickoff, it drops to 1.5 for Huddersfield to win. That leaves you with 0.5 advantage. At the end, Huddersfield is beaten by Chelsea with 1 – 3.

This is a good example of how variation can drastically change a betting. Fail to deal with it and you will suffer a great loss. However, if you manage to learn about it, place these kinds of bets, and even beat the market, you have no reason to worry. The victory is yours for the long run.

How to manage periods when you lose

There is no such a player with an everlasting winning streak. Every once in a while, all of us will have a losing streak. The periods of losing usually vary from one player to another. It can just a day, few days, weeks, or even months. No matter who you are, a professional or just a hobbyist, this will happen. There is only one thing that differs professionals and other players. Professionals know these periods very well and how to deal with them. It’s not easy, but also not impossible.

Some people who don’t understand about these periods instinctively raise the stakes. By doing so, they hope they can win back their lost with higher bets. Their only mistake is, no one can guarantee that they will win. Instead of winning the bet, many of them even lost more than they can imagine.

Here is an example of things you shouldn’t do during your losing period.

You have $1000 in your betting account. Normally, you bet around $10 per game. One day, you lose 10 games. That makes you now have $900 in your account. You decided to win back your money. You think by investing $100 more, you will have bigger chance to win what you’ve lost. The only thing you don’t know that this second bet is also a loss. Now, you have lost $200.

You still have $800 in your account. You think that the $200 you’ve lost is not too big. You think that you won’t be so out of luck this time. The next thing is you put your entire $800 on Barcelona at 1.25 odd. You will certainly win, you think. This time, you will get your entire $1000. The bad news is, you are wrong. Barcelona ends the game with a draw. The only thing that happens now is you have lost your entire money.

Professional players are different. When these periods come, it signals them to maintain their discipline. It signals them to manage their bankroll and analyze their betting techniques. It is the perfect time to develop better betting strategies and techniques.

In contrast to the previous example, here is how you should manage your losing period.

You have the same situation here. There is $1000 in your account and you usually bet $10 per game. One day, you lose 10 games, which leaves $900 in your account. Here comes the big difference. Instead of coming back and increasing your bet, you decided to take a break. Instead of betting more, you decided to evaluate your strategies and techniques. You want to know what’s going wrong with your play. Is there any weakness there? You try looking back at your statistics and history to find out.

After several days of break, you finally understand what’s wrong last time. You decided not to bet on the same game (Premier League). You need to find another game with less risk. Then, you decrease your bet to $9 per game. Slowly but surely, you win a game after another. After 30 bets, you have earned around $1,050. See? Your losing period has just turned into a winning streak.

Handling winning period

Good for us, not only losing period exists, but also winning period. In this period, you will find your self-winning multiple bets at a time. This is the period every player dreams to come. However, no matter how good it sounds, it can turn into your losing period if you can’t handle it well.

The most common mistake players make is they increase their stakes during this period. That’s normal. We want to make as much money a we want. There’s nothing wrong with that. The only wrong thing here is you act based only on your desire and instinct, not measured decision. You become too self-confidence and greedy. If you place your bet while still like this, you can expect nothing but loss. The only way to counter it is by managing your bankroll.

Here is the key. As a player, it is very important to raise the stakes as your account grows. However, without having control over yourself, long-term strategy, and discipline, things will only go wrong.

Let’s see an example of mishandling your period of winning:

You have $1000 in your account. You usually bet $10 per game. One day, you are so lucky to win 10 consecutive bets. That leaves you with $1100. Having this much profit makes you want to earn more. You think you can make more with higher stakes than before. So, with full confidence, you put $100 at your next back. You believe things will go in your way. However, you lose the bet as well as the winning you get from the previous 10 bets. Everything is lost in a single bet.

Now, instead of doing that, let’s see what you’re supposed to do during your winning period.

You have the same situation, except your response. You feel satisfied enough after having $1100 in your account. However, instead of betting more, you believe it’s time to take a break. You believe the risk is still too high for your account. You decided to place the next bet, but only at $9. Even if you lose the 11th bet, you still have the winnings from your previous bets.


Today, there are plenty of bankroll management strategies available. Each of them is claimed to be the most effective and lucrative method. Despite the claim, it is crucial to know that you are different from other players. Some methods may earn other players hundreds or even thousands of dollars, but maybe not that much for you. On the contrary, there are methods which can only work for you, but not other players.

The Kelly Criterion, unit system, Fibonacci system, and Martingale system are some of the best-known strategies. You can choose whatever you want. Just make sure you choose it because it works for you, not because you read it works for other players.


There won’t be bankroll management without accounting. This basic skill teaches you how to manage your betting account in the long term. In addition, it can show you which games that give you the most and games not so good for you. In other words, accounting can show you how to optimize your win and minimize the risk.

To find out which games are good and bad for you, you should go through your accounting audit. Analyze the data and develop your betting strategies. At the end, you will know the tricks to win more and lose less.

You don’t have to worry even if you don’t know how to audit. There are various programs on the web that can assist you with this. However, if you prefer to do it manually, you can use a pen and paper or MS Excel to help you. There is only one key to remember. You should make it possible for the audit to optimize your betting.

This example will help you to audit your betting.

First, decide on how often you want to audit your betting. It can be once a week or month or whatever suits you the best. Next, you need data for the audit. For your information, serious gamblers usually audit the best they’ve made over a period of time. This will provide a more accurate data, no doubt. However, it will also take more time. You can do this later, but as the beginning, you only need to audit your account performance. Limit it to a certain period of time. By doing this, you will be able to see how you played and develop a better strategy for the future. The result is, of course, a more profitable betting while minimizing the risk at the same time.


Paddy Power Betfair Joins the All-in Diversity Project as a Founding Member and Participant

London, December 7, 2017: We are proud to announce that Paddy Power Betfair has partnered with All-in Diversity Project and will serve as an integral part of the initiative both as a Founding Member and Participant in its inaugural year.

The All-in Diversity Project is an industry-driven, not-for-profit initiative which aims to benchmark diversity, equality and inclusion across the global betting and gaming sector. As the primary resource for all data relating to diversity and inclusion across the sector, the All-in Diversity Project aims to measure and facilitate an open and objective discussion about diversity across the entire industry on a global scale.

The initial objective is to establish an industry standard index designed to be the definitive benchmarking tool for the sector to measure the current landscape and, from there, the roadmap for future change and progress.

The project will provide a year-on-year progress update, highlight successes, challenges and opportunities, and make best practice recommendations in areas such as corporate governance, internal policies, recruitment practices, equal pay, employment legislation, unconscious bias and marketing. 

Kelly Kehn, Co-Founder of the All-in Diversity Project, says: “We established the All-in Diversity Project because we believe the industry itself has a role to play in improving how we do business. We believe the best way to push the industry forward, is to create the tool for all businesses globally to use in benchmarking their own diversity initiatives.”

While gender diversity is a hot-topic for many sectors right now, according to fellow Co-Founder Christina Thakor-Rankin: “The All-In Diversity project is not about pushing quotas or agendas. It’s about acknowledging that the expectations and aspirations of the next generation of employees and customers is very different to ours, and understanding that if this industry is to be able to attract and retain the employees and customers of the future it needs to start making changes now.”

“In March 2017, we launched our first D&I group – Fair Game – the objectives of Fair Game are to promote a diverse and inclusive workforce,” says Sally Cairns, Chief People Officer at Paddy Power Betfair. “We believe that the business case for a more inclusive culture goes far beyond the bottom line. We believe that teams with a range of rich and diverse perspectives increase their performance ability when it comes to problem solving, innovation and decision making which produce better products for customers.”

All-in Diversity Project has launched its website and social media campaign and is now registering participants for the All-Index survey. More information can be found at allindiversityproject.com or by emailing info[at]allindiversityproject.com.



Four Strategies to Help You Win at Online Bingo

Thanks to its simple, easy-to-follow steps and basic rules, bingo has long been a popular game amongst people of all ages. With a fast-paced gameplay and often the opportunity to win some large cash prizes, it’s no surprise that meeting up at the bingo hall or quietly logging on to an online bingo website or app is a favourite hobby for many individuals. If you enjoy playing bingo online, then you might be getting a bit disheartened if you keep on buying tickets but haven’t had your big win yet. Luckily for you, the good news is that there are several strategies that you can use to improve your chances of winning.

#1. Take Advantage of Offers:

Many bingo sites, such as www.nuggetbingo.com will offer new and existing players a range of great offers. For example, you might be able to bag a free £10 or even more to play with the first time you deposit a certain amount of money. If you enjoy bingo as a hobby but don’t have a lot of money to risk on losing, then it’s definitely worthwhile taking advantage of as many offers as you can for some free play. Don’t forget to look out for limited offers in different bingo rooms as well, such as buy one get one free tickets.

#2. Avoid Playing at Peak Times:

Although it’s tempting to chill out and play some online bingo during the weekend or evenings since this is when you have the most free time, the bad news is that everybody is doing the same thing, so this is the time where you’re more likely to see packed-out bingo rooms with hundreds of players all trying to win at the same time. Even if you do get a line or a full house, your chances of having to split your winnings with another player will increase. Strategically buying tickets for games during the day when less people are playing will put you in with a higher chance of winning.

#3. Buy Maximum Tickets:

It goes without saying that the more tickets that you have for a game of bingo, the more likely it is that your numbers are going to come up. Look out for bingo rooms with cheap tickets – you can get many at just one or two pence per ticket – so that it’s easy for you to buy the maximum amount without spending too much. Purchasing a huge amount of cheap tickets will give you a better chance of winning full house or even hitting the jackpot, compared to buying just a couple of higher-priced ones.

#4. Keep Your Expectations Realistic:

Finally, it’s important to make sure that you have realistic expectations when playing bingo online. Bear in mind that you won’t be able to win every time, no matter how strategically you play – sometimes it’s all down to sheer luck. Make sure that you don’t take the game too seriously, and ensure that you budget wisely for money to spend on bingo so that it doesn’t stress you out.

Did any of these strategies help you win at bingo? We’d love to hear from you in the comments.




A slot game is a casino betting machine with three or more reels which spin around when the button is pressed. With the progress of technology and the internet becoming an essential part of our times, slot machines have revolutionised themselves on the web as well.

When you play slot games for real money and are faced with a giddy array of virtual slot wagering options that you have never seen before, it is hard to pick a starting point. This is because you go with the one that immediately catches your eye or is based on a celebrity TV show, or relies on the theme of your favourite movie. Also, what about the ones who claim to have the highest payouts and guarantee to let you win real money?

It is safe to assume that you need to do in-depth research on each slot game’s rules (and tips for playing them), bonuses and payouts because you have a limited budget and an unplanned outlay can crush your slot dreams in a jiffy. Today, online slots games have progressed beyond the vintage 3-reel fruit slots machines still available in your local arcade. Now, you can wager on the best 3D video slots alongside other types. Here are six of them:


The Guns N' Roses video slots game is 5 reels and 20 pay-lines backed by Net Entertainment software. The game symbolically commemorated the band’s 30th birthday and is packed with exciting features.

A smashing feature is that you can pick your desired song list that will play during your reel spinning. Although, the game does not offer a jackpot slot it has an excellent Return to Player (RTP is the % of all the bet-money a slot game will pay back to the punters over time) of 96.98%.


The Joker Pro slot game gives you a rollercoaster ride of 5 reels wrapped up with lucky and classic slot symbols. Pleasing on the eye 10 pay-line game that is occupied with diamonds, clovers, bells, bars, horseshoes and 7’s makes this slot theme more familiar than revolutionary. However, this virtual slot machine does not offer any complimentary spin bonus games, which makes this game closer in character to the slot Jackpot 6,000.

  1. Sam on the Beach

If the gentle splash of the ocean is your calling as it laps against the pristine sand, then you need to partner Sam for a day at the beach. A 5-reel, 20-pay-line slot game that has all the grading of a postmodern video slot such as live animations, quirky symbols and entertaining soundtracks makes this slot game mighty enjoyable.

  1. 'Tarzan' Slot Game

The widely popular trend of taking a box office blockbuster and transforming it into a slot game is what Microgaming did by making Tarzan. The virtual game features an exciting combination of action and animations. Moreover, courtesy a licensing agreement with Disney you will see the legend himself standing by the reels as you whirl from as little as 40 pence.

  1. Jimi Hendrix

The legendary rock guitarist left us too soon, but his music will keep on living for light years to come. Net Entertainment acknowledges that by paying a tribute to this iconic musician on the reels of their Jimi Hendrix slot game. A punter can relish spinning the reels while savouring some of Jimi’s greatest hits in the background. Also, as the most influential rock guitarist of all times this virtual slot game will keep on whirling bonus features for a punter on every step of the way. This is because when all’s said and done, nobody rocks as hard as Jimi Hendrix.

  1. When Pigs Fly

We all know that pigs and flying are two opposite things, but in the sphere of virtual slot machines anything is possible. This is because When Pigs Fly is not another online betting machine inspired by the wave of 3D video slots. It offers bettors a level of thrill unheard in online slot gaming by including features such as wild substitutions, free spins as well as re-spins with 3125 ways to win.


7 things to look for when choosing an online casino

Whether you’ve moved on from the Las Vegas-esque smoke filled casino rooms of the past or you’ve had a friend win themselves a bucket load of cash and want in on the action, choosing which online casino you dedicate yourself to can be a tricky task. Many different casinos offer a plethora of options, games, sign up offers and the like so we decided to make a list of the top 7 things you should look for when choosing an online casino like Paddy Power online casino.

Licencing and Regulation

When doing your research into online casinos you should probably start with the most important bit, their licencing and regulation. If you strolled into any ‘brick-and-mortar’ betting shop on the high street you’d have a pretty good idea they’re covered for any eventuality but it can be quite difficult to gleam this information from a website. Online casinos must be regulated but this may well be with a gambling commission from abroad, notably Malta, Cyprus or Belize. As long as the casino in question is registered with the relevant bodies from that particular country, you should be ok.


You may think it goes without saying, but if an online casino doesn’t offer the games you like to play, it’s probably a waste of time for you. You may well become interested in another game but then again you might not get on with them. Stay safe and stick with what you know you enjoy. There are so many online casinos out there you will definitely find one that you like that provides the gaming experience you’re looking for.


So whilst you might think this one is a no-brainer and that because we’re part of the mobile age that all online casinos will allow you to play on your mobile, you could be wrong. A large proportion of online casinos do support mobile gaming and use of their platform on tablets and the like but a large amount of smaller or more niche casinos won’t support this. Make sure you check before you deposit or you could be spending money on something you might not use.

Deposit Methods

Being able to deposit money via your preferred method is probably a big deal when choosing an online casino so you should definitely make sure this is possible. If you prefer PayPal and the site only allows cheques being sent to an address it’s probably best you look elsewhere.


This is one of the most important things to consider when choosing an online casino as it could give you a massive increase in your initial investment. Some casinos offer incentives like doubling, trebling or even quadrupling your initial deposit. This may well have to be gambled several times before you can withdraw it but with a big stake, comes big winnings.

Cash-out Speed

So once you’ve signed up, staked your money and won your fortune you come to withdraw your winnings you find out the casino takes 28 days to cash you out – that’s not cool is it? Prior to signing up and depositing money to a casino site it’s worth making sure the casino pays out its winnings in a timely fashion. Whilst 28 days can seem like a long time the industry average is under a week and in some cases the same day. Do your research so you don’t get caught out.

Customer Service

This one can be tricky to check up on and may take some time to investigate via forums and reviews but you don’t want to be involved with a casino that doesn’t have a strong emphasis on good customer service. Most online casinos pride themselves on this so ensure you chose one of the good guys.


Get amazing rewards with Poker at bet365's Loyalty Club!

Get amazing rewards with Poker at bet365’s Loyalty Club!

Poker at bet365’s Loyalty Club is here! Take a seat at the table of your choice and you can start earning rewards as you play. No matter if you play cash games or are a tournament player, you’ll accrue Status Points whenever you pay rake or fees. Get enough Status Points to move through the Loyalty Levels, where you can play for greater rewards in exclusive tournaments. Progress to Diamond level and you’ll be rewarded with 2,500 bet365 Coins just for reaching it!

Each Loyalty Level comprises of a series of Loyalty Steps which, when completed, credit you with the all-new bet365 Coin currency. With bet365 Coins you can purchase exciting rewards in the Loyalty Store, where Cash Game Tickets, Tournament Tickets and even cash rewards are available. Plus, check out the Loyalty Missions section, where you’ll find even more ways to accumulate extra bet365 Coins by playing your favourite poker games.

If that wasn’t enough, all Loyalty Club members can gain entry into exclusive Loyalty Tournaments, with fantastic rewards and the chance to gain entry into even bigger tournaments up for grabs!

Significant Offer Terms and Conditions

• All bet365 players are automatically members of the Loyalty Club.
• In order to accumulate Status Points, you must fulfil either of the following criteria playing real money poker: contribute chips to any pot from which rake is taken on a cash table; pay a fee for entering any Tournament or Sit & Go.
• Status Points are accumulated at a rate of 10 for every €1 or £1 of attributed rake or tournament fees.
• Bronze, Silver, Gold, Platinum and Diamond Loyalty Levels have qualifying periods which are made up of calendar months. For details, see Full Terms and Conditions on website.
• In order for play to contribute towards Loyalty Mission completion, you must press the relevant Start button, located in the Missions section, within the relevant qualifying period. All other Loyalty Missions become unavailable until your mission has been completed or the qualifying period ends.
• Tournament Tickets can be used to enter any Tournament of the relevant type with the corresponding buy-in amount, if unused, they will expire 30 days after being credited.
• Bonus Euros must be redeemed within 30 days of being credited. After this time all unredeemed Bonus Euros expire.
• Cash Game Tickets can only be used on real money cash tables which contain the word ‘Premium’ in the table name. If unredeemed, they expire 30 days after they are credited.
• Bronze Loyalty Tournaments take place at 19:00 GMT daily, Silver Loyalty Tournaments take place at 19:30 GMT every Saturday and Mega Loyalty Tournaments take place at 20:00 GMT on the last Saturday of each month. Tickets can be used to enter any tournament of the relevant type with the corresponding buy-in amount, if unused; they expire 60 days after being credited.
• Should you pay no rake or tournament fees for a period of three months, your entire bet365 Coin balance are forfeited. Regardless of your activity, all unused bet365 Coins will expire 12 months after being credited.


Crack the code and win cash prizes!

Attempt to break the weekly code with bet365bingo’s Codebreaker promotion! Play in selected rooms before 27th August to win Bingo Tickets and cash prizes.

Opt In and play in the Bargain Bingo, The Catwalk, Mojo Lounge, Superstar Bonanza and Tinsel Town rooms. Unlock the code by calling one-line, two-line, Full House or Roll On prizes containing featured ball numbers from the weekly code.

Match one or more numbers of the code and you'll get 12 tickets to each of the 10 weekly Bingo games in the VIP Lounge on the following Tuesday, running from 21:00 UK Time. Match two, three or four numbers of the code and you'll win a cash prize - the more numbers you unlock, the bigger your prize will be.

What’s more, for every £10 cash staked in selected rooms you will receive 12 tickets to each of the 10 prize-filled games in the next Party Hour, which runs every Tuesday from 20:00 UK Time in the VIP Lounge.

Significant Terms and Conditions

• Promotional period runs from 00:00 UK Time on 31st July until 22:00 UK Time on 29th August 2017. There are four qualifying periods running from 00:00 UK Time on Monday until 23:59 UK Time on Sunday during each week of the promotion.
• You must Opt In before the end of the relevant promotional period to be eligible to receive a prize. Once you Opt In you will be entered in to all future promotional periods.
• To unlock the code displayed at the top of the promotional page, you will need to win any one-line, two-line, Full House or Roll On prize on the featured ball numbers each week.
• You will be notified prior to the game whether Roll On, 1TG and 2TG prizes will be credited to your Withdrawable cash balance or Bonus balance. Where winnings are credited to your Bonus balance, the amount of the bonus will need to be wagered four times on Bingo before becoming withdrawable.
• Only wins from tickets purchased in the following rooms will qualify: Bargain Bingo, The Catwalk, Mojo Lounge, Super Star Bonanza and Tinsel Town. Any wins on Free Bingo will not qualify and only wins within the Super Star Bonanza room using Superbooks tickets will count.

For more information about this offer please visit the website.

Earn tickets to bet365bingo’s scorching summer prize draw!

Play in bet365bingo’s Bingo BBQ Bash promotion from 7th until 10th August for the chance to win a red-hot Blooma BBQ and a set of BBQ accessories in a fantastic summer prize draw!

Enter promotional code BINGOBBQ and play in the Bargain Bingo, The Catwalk, Mojo Lounge, Super Star Bonanza or Tinsel Town rooms. For every £10 cash staked you will earn a prize draw ticket and the chance to win a summer prize on Friday 11th August.

Terms and Conditions

• Promotional period runs from 00:00 UK Time 7th August until 23:59 UK Time 10th August 2017 and the prize draw will take place on 11th August 2017.
• You must enter the promotional code BINGOBBQ in order to qualify for the offer.
• You are only required to enter the promotional code once during the promotional period.
• For every £10 cash staked on Bingo, you will receive a prize draw ticket. Only cash stakes in the following Bingo rooms during the promotional period will count towards the promotion; Bargain Bingo, The Catwalk, Mojo Lounge, Super Star Bonanza and Tinsel Town.

For more information about this offer please visit the website.

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