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Maestro™with the Maestro logo on your card, you can use the money in your account securely through a global network of ATMs, shops and websites to pay for things.

It also means you’ll always have exactly the right amount to pay, at exactly the right time, wherever you are - from your local supermarket to a petrol station across the border - in fact, in over 13m locations around the world in 100 countries.

And because it’s a debit facility, you can never spend more with your Maestro card than you have in your bank account. 666 million Maestro branded cards issued worldwide.

  • 13 million shops and other outlets welcome it.
  • In 100 countries around the world.1


  • Latest card security technology.
  • No need to carry lots of cash (which can be a worry).
  • Your money is protected. If you lose your card, inform your bank as soon as possible and you don’t lose your money.


  • You’ll always have exactly the right amount on you to pay for anything.
  • Its quick and easy – no fumbling for cash and waiting for change, just insert your card, enter your PIN and it’s done. Or if you pay with Maestro PayPass™, just tap your card against the reader and go (see the PayPass™ section > for more information).

Works abroad

  • You can use it abroad in the same way as you do at home – at the shops as well as at the ATM.1

Keeps track of your spending

  • There is a record of every cent you spend – so you can always see where your money is going whenever you check your bank statement.

Perfect for online transactions

  • You can use Maestro to make purchases securely online.
  • Many banks also offer the added security of SecureCode.
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