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Visa™Visa Europe operates a European payment system. We are constantly working at the forefront of technology to introduce new, easier, and more secure payment options for our members and their customers across Europe.

Our products, services, and innovations meet the specific needs of our stakeholders – that’s European payment service providers, retailers, businesses, and consumers. In particular, we’re working with our European members to create a larger, more open, dynamic, and competitive electronic payments market.

View the video to see how mobile phones have been turned into contactless payment devices.

Visa Europe is a payments business. We support our members by developing products and services that make payments easier for people and businesses - bringing speed, security, and simplicity to the transactions they make.

There are Visa cards to suit everyone, from individuals to corporates. There are more than 430 million Visa debit, credit, pre-paid, and commercial cards in Europe, which enjoy unsurpassed acceptance around the world.

Innovation is fundamental to our approach. Our goal is to accelerate and extend the use of cashless payments – helping to make money flow and bringing tangible benefits for consumers, retailers, businesses, and governments.

We don’t issue cards ourselves, this is done by our members.

Visa also offers products and services for small and large businesses and the public sector. These provide a quick, efficient, and convenient way for organisations to make and receive payments, simplify procurement processes, and manage expenses.

Nothing is more important to Visa Europe than keeping our payment system secure and strengthening the trust we have with our customers – whether it’s cardholders buying their weekly shop or withdrawing local currency while abroad, or merchants and financial institutions sharing information.

Our technological innovations and advances in risk management ensure that everyone can feel confident about the transactions they make and the safety of their personal data.

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