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In case you have not yet connected with the legions of fanatically enthusiastic video poker lovers who populate every single nook and cranny of this blue marble also known as the Earth , it's most likely recommended that you have a look at a couple of possible factors why you have been depriving your self of a whole lot of gaming satisfaction .
Let's commence with the fundamental principles : is it possible that you are currently what is known as a poker slob ? In case you don't have a solid insight on the definition of this expression ( which is aimed as a pejorative , by the way ) i am going to enlighten you .
A poker snob is a player who assumes that unless you are sitting at the green felt involved in a battle of no-limit Texas Holdem in the main event of the World Series of Poker , with a televised intended market of millions chanting your name while you go on a full-throttle charge to the championship , and then it's basically not worth your time and effort to play the game of poker . That's one specific variation of the poker snob , the kind of woefully misguided player who mistakes the glory of winning for the benefit of the game itself .

Deuces Wild


Deuces Wild™ is based on the traditional video poker game. You can play with up to 20 poker hands rather than the standard single hand. The objective of the game is to attain a winning 5-card Poker hand, with each hand constituting an independent, separate win.

About Deuces Wild™

All the 2 value cards (deuces) of which there are four in total, 2 of Spades, 2 of Clubs, 2 of Hearts and 2 of Diamonds count as wild cards. Therefore any of the 2's will substitute for any single card to make the highest win possible only.

You have the opportunity to double-up your winnings in a special gamble feature by correctly selecting a higher value card than the face up card.


  • Your winnings will be credited to your account immediately.
  • You will lose your stake amount for each losing hand.

Selecting Hands

Deuces Wild will always play a one-hand game unless you intervene. Note that when you place a bet on Deuces Wild your stake amount is accepted on a PER HAND basis. The more hands you have selected the greater the amount you need to stake. For example, if you have 10 hands selected and you stake £1, the overall stake amount will be £10. Use the Hands Button (+/-) to reduce/increase the number of hands you will play in the forthcoming game of Deuces Wild.

Placing a Stake

You must place a stake before a game of Deuces Wild can be played. Once the number of hands you want to play have been selected it is time to decide how much money to stake on each of them. Remember that stakes are accepted on a per hand basis. To increase, or decrease, the amount you are going to bet on each hand, click the plus (+) or minus (-) buttons in the Stake box. The total stake amount for your forthcoming Deuces Wild game will be Stake multiplied by the number of hands you have chosen to play. For example, if you select £2 in the Stake box and you decide to play 20 hands then the total amount that will be staked on the next game will be £40. This is shown in the Total Bet box.

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Yet another subspecies of the poker snob is way more frequent in our society . Perhaps you know two or three of these players ( perhaps you can also look in the mirror to get a good look at one . )
This sort of poker snob considers that the game of poker definitely needs to be played in a room of living , breathing people , with adversaries seated across the table close enough to touch . Basically no exceptions are allowed to this maxim in the head of a poker snob , as a result video poker is thus strictly verboten . Okay , I'm here to inform you that if you happen to be a poker snob of the type highlighted above , you're simply cheating yourself out of one heck of a really good time .
There has never been a much better moment in history to jump on the video poker bandwagon , hence just hand over those irritating inhibitions and join the party , Agree ? Just before you start this transformational hop , however , you probably figure out the wisdom in gleaning quite a few crucial tips and hints that may assist your rise to fame in the world of video poker . Fair enough . Let's reassess one or two . Before anything else , never ever keep a kicker with any pair . This rule is essential to becoming successful in video poker . Holding a kicker to any pair cuts down your return by 5% , so don't be a chump .
Secondly , you ought to be sure to bet the maximum amount of coins on a progressive video poker machine to get the bonus for royal flushes . Building on this theme , take into account that if you decide to play a progressive video poker machine that will pay 8 coins for a full house and 5 coins for a flush , play on a progressive where the jackpot is over $250 on a nickel machine , $2 ,500 on a quarter , and $10 ,000 for the dollar . This pay out pattern was made to enhance your success . And lastly , never underestimate the Jack . Lots of players mistakenly suppose the Ace is an essential playing card in the deck . Completely wrong . Holding the Jack over the Ace will give you more alternatives of creating profitable hands . Don't overlook it ! At this point you're armed with high-quality knowledge , so go out there and play some video poker !

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